6ix9ine - GTL

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  • Длительность: 2:20
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  • Дата релиза: 04 сентябрь 2020
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6ix9ine - GTL
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Havin' dreams about livin' my life
I've been havin' dreams about bein' outside
I've been, hello baby girl, please don't cry, no
Please don't, no, no no, no, no, no (No)
Mama said, "Hold my hand, no crying, no"
All these niggas wanna take my life, I know
That lil baby boy, please don't die, no
And I might, no, no no, no, no, no (No)
Tell me why, tell me why should I trust these niggas
Tell me why, tell me how I really love these niggas
Hearin' voices in my head sayin' "Fuck these niggas"
My niggas, my niggas, these ain't my niggas
They gon' say what they gon' say, nigga, yeah, I know
They can say what they want, they don't know what I know
Ain't nothin' you can tell me 'bout this life I chose
I was facin' 47, you was sitting at home

I know I can't keep loving you
I know I can't keep trusting you
I put my life to further you
Tell me what I'm supposed to do?
This shit get complicated, I-
My blood, thought you was ride or die
I was just tryna change your life
But it's true, I had something else in mind

Streets fucked up
No charge for that bad nigga, switch up, tryna kill ya
That shit give a nigga goosebumps, paranoia
Keep my head above water, for my daughter
Gotta stay ten toes, nigga, I'ma soldier
Got my back against the wall, I'll never fold up
Wait, wait, wait, wait, nigga, hold up
Still the King of New York, yeah, I know, I told 'ya
Told ya'