BTS - Stay Gold

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  • Длительность: 04:03
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  • Дата релиза: 02 июнь 2020
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BTS - Stay Gold
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Текст песни
Ooh ooh
In a world where you feel cold
You gotta stay gold
Oh baby

Charming moonlight
Another sleepless night
We play hide and seek under the moonlight
Dive into your heart, getting closer
And closer to you
I don't understand the impurity
Your eyes are like diamonds
Prettier than any other gem
I am constantly fascinated
Can't take my eyes off you, no more

Even the clock hands
Will stop moving
Uh let it glow

Stay gold
Even in a dream
Stay gold
I'll find you
Stay gold, gold
I want to see you
Stay gold
You are everything
Stay gold
For everyone
Stay gold
My heart will be fascinated
Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold
Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold
Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold
Stay gold
Eternally, forever gold

Don't be afraid
I'll approach slowly
I'll let you know, my defenceless baby
You will be gently taken by me
Even your deepest parts